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Love AllWays

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Love AllWays
Our "Love AllWays" candle is fragranced with oils that are connected to love - rosewood,  cardamom, and hints of vetiver, oud, and sandalwood. It is infused with rose quartz and garnet. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. Garnet is a stone that symbolizes physical love and the connection between loving partners. If married it is said to deepen romantic love, if single it is said to enhance the attraction of love.
Rosewood is known to be an aphrodisiac and helps to balance our love for self and others. Cardamom is said to stimulate the mind into clarity and to be subtly mood enhancing, awaking and enlivening the sensual side of a person. Vetiver is known to alleviate anxiety and functions as a natural aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual desire. Oud is known as one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs and sandalwood is known to cultivate a spiritual inner awareness, which makes it perfect for intimately connecting with a partner or yourself. 
This candle was designed to envelop yourself in love. Use it to remember why you are worthy of love, to celebrate and welcome love in your life, or to set the mood for special time with someone you love.
Made in Maryland with love and good intentions. 100% soy blend wax with a cotton wick in a glass tumbler. 
Diameter: 1.9 in
Height: 2.75 in
Net Wt: 3.5 oz
Burn time: Up to 25 hours
Musical Pairing: "Loved By You" by Mali Music

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