Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the proper way to burn a candle? 
      Let your candle burn until the wax melts out to all the edges of the vessel. This may take from about 30 to 60 minutes.  If you blow out a soy candle before the wax goes liquid to the edge, it can create wells down the center of the candle. Keep your wicks trimmed to an even 1/4 inch. A too long wick burns your candle faster than necessary. 

    2. What are wood wicks?
      They are literally wicks made from wood. We initially chose wood wicks for the aesthetic. We loved the modern look of them and the crackle they make. They offer a beautiful flickering flame and a soft crackling sound that’s reminiscent of a fireplace. Wood wicks don’t ‘mushroom’ the way cotton wicks do, that means minimal carbon buildup, debris and sooting.

    3. Why don't the crystal candles have wood wicks? 
      It is a personal choice as a candle maker for safety reasons. The wooden wick covers a wider space, we want the crystals to be in the melted wax but not directly near the flame. 

    4. How often do you restock? Why are you out of stock
      Every month we release our latest batch of candles. Luxe and Lit is a small batch hand-poured candle company. We release candles all at once so that our owner has time to create and package the best quality candle she can between her other life obligations. This also allows us to deliver candles in a reasonable amount of time. 

    5. Why a musical pairing?
      Our founder is a music lover. When she was developing the scents she wanted them to evoke a mood. As she sat with one of her friends finalizing scents she played songs to convey the mood she wanted to set with each candle. From there, our musical pairings were born. 

    6. Is there a difference between the candles in the glass tumblers and the tins? 
      No, They are made from the same soy wax or apricot-coconut blend. We chose to put the small crystal candles in glass so that you can see the beauty of the crystals and because people like to meditate with them, which tends to be easier in a glass container. 

    7.  Can I buy your products/smell your scents in person? 
      If you live in the DC area we do participate in occasional pop-ups and can possibly host a Luxe & Lit experience for you and your friends. Also, check the blog. We will post places we are traveling and you can possibly pick-up or purchase in person there.

    8. Can I create a custom scent? 
      Currently, we do not offer custom scents. Follow our blog for new scent options.

    9. What is the Founder's Collection? 
      The founder's collection are limited edition offerings of candles. These candles are made with premium apricot coconut wax and are scented with phthalate free skin safe fragrances.

    10. Can I pick up my purchase in person? 
      If you live in the DC area we can arrange pickups for you your order in either Landover or Hyattsville, MD. Also, check the blog. We will post places we are traveling and you can possibly pick-up or purchase in person there.

    11. Can you donate candles for my event?
      Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to donate a large number of candles for events because we are a small business. If you would like to purchase them at bulk prices, please contact us. We will occasionally donate gifts, single candles, or a custom candle for silent causes that are close to us.

    12. Do you do private label/custom scents?
      No. We are sometimes open to brand collaborations but those are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact us if interested.

    13. Do you offer bulk discounts for my brunch/baby shower/event?
      Yes, In order to receive a bulk discount you there is a required minimum of 24 pieces of ONE scent. For bulk orders, we require a minimum of 30 days preorder. Please email us for information on bulk orders. 

    14. Do you offer wholesale? 
      We offer select scents to stockists for resale. Apply to be a stockist here.

    15. I need my candles tomorrow. Can you overnight them?
      We usually need 2-3 business days to process orders. If we have your desired candles in stock and you live in the DC area we can possibly arrange pick-up. Email us at indulge@soluxeandlit.com before ordering. Stockist orders CAN NOT be rushed as more production is involved.